Tutorial 5 - :MDI Container And Data Report

In this tutorial, the previous Student Database Example is modified by adding one MDI Form and explained how reports are generated using DataEnvironment and DataReport.Some small description about MDI and DataReport are listed below

The Multiple Document Interface

The Multiple Document Interface (MDI) was designed to simplify the exchange of information among documents, all under the same roof. With the main application, you can maintain multiple open windows, but not multiple copies of the application. Data exchange is easier when you can view and compare many documents simultaneously.

An MDI application must have at least two Form, the parent Form and one or more child Forms. Each of these Forms has certain properties. There can be many child forms contained within the parent Form, but there can be only one parent Form.

To create an MDI application, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new project and then choose Project >>> Add MDI Form to add the parent Form.

  2. Choose Project >>> Add Form to add a SDI Form.

  3. Make this Form as child of MDI Form by setting the MDI Child property of the SDI Form to True.


The DataReport object is the programmable object that represents the Data Report designer.

The Data Report generates reports using records from a database.

Watch the youtube Video of VB MDI Container And DataReport Example

Download the source for MDI Container And DataReport Example


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