Tutorial 1 - Getting Familiar with VB Environment

Visual Basic is an ideal programming language for developing sophisticated professional applications for Microsoft Windows.. It was developed from the BASIC programming language.

Some Important Features of Visual Basic

  • Full set of objects - you 'draw' the application
  • Lots of icons and pictures for your use
  • Response to mouse and keyboard actions
  • Clipboard and printer access
  • Full array of mathematical, string handling, and graphics functions
  • Can handle fixed and dynamic variable and control arrays
  • Sequential and random access file support
  • Useful debugger and error-handling facilities
  • Powerful database access tools
  • ActiveX support
  • Package & Deployment Wizard makes distributing your applications simple

In this tutorial, we will familiarize you with the Visual Basic environment. Tutorial will show you different methods to open a Visual Basic project, various wizards, adding/deleting multiple projects to/from a  Solution Explorer, adding/ deleting  files to/from a project etc. The tutorial also familiarize you with Visual Source Safe (VSS) version controlling system. 

Microsoft VSS helps you manage your projects, regardless of the file type (text files, graphics files, binary files, sound files, or video files) by saving them to a database. When you need to share files between two or more projects, you can share them quickly and efficiently. When you add a file to VSS, the file is backed up on the database, made available to other people, and changes that have been made to the file are saved so you can recover an old version at any time. Members of your team can see the latest version of any file, make changes, and save a new version in the database.

Watch the Youtube Video Of Familiarizing Visual Source Safe


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