Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is VB In Easy Steps ?

    "VB In Easy Steps" is a new approach towards learning Quickly VB using real time short movies, which will show you how to do a specific task in VB.

2) What is the best recommended screen resolution for viewing this content in this CD?

    This page is best viewed with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and with Internet Explorer(IE) 5.0 and above.

3) When I Click on the video a register dialog box pops up. What should I do?.

    Please register the Tutorial CD as mentioned in the purchase page so as to view the video in the Tutorial CD. 

4) Where can I find more information regarding the price and other information about the CD ?

   Please contact KTS InfoTech or visit our web site for more details.

Download VB In Easy Steps
Main Features
» Easy to learn VB.

» Tutorials with source & video.

» Can master within 9 hours.

» All VB concepts in detail.

» Become confident in VB applications.

» Cost effective.
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