Tutorial 4 -: DataBase Programming

In this tutorial, Database programming using VB  and OleDb is explained using Student Database example. The program uses MS Access as the back end. A basic understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) is assumed.

Most applications require some form of data access. If you are creating a new application, you have two excellent data access choices: ADO and OLE DB.


For applications written in native code, ADO provides a COM-based application level interface for OLE DB data providers.


OLE DB is the strategic system-level programming interface for accessing data and is the underlying technology for ADO as well as a source of data for ADO . OLE DB is an open standard for accessing all kinds of data both relational and non-relational data OLE DB provides consistent, high-performance access to data and supports a variety of development needs, including the creation of front-end database clients and middle-tier business objects using live connections to data in relational databases and other stores.

Choosing OLE DB

The choice to write to OLE DB directly must be evaluated against using an easier data access method such as ADO. The factors affecting your decision to use OLE DB's COM-level data access include:


ADO is very fast, but they do insert an extra layer of abstraction between your application and the data provider when working with OLE DB data sources.


OLE DB defines native interfaces designed to be extensive and extensible enough to expose all of a database's underlying behavior, semantics and functionality.


Using the OLE DB data access technology affects the cost of long-term maintenance for your application.

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